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Curren Caples

12:45 PM

Element MAKE IT COUNT Europe Finals 2013

The folks at Element capture an amazing contest in Norway, in spite of the elements.

09:45 AM

Made in Emerica UK Tour

The Emerica crew put on a jolly good show on a recent trip to the UK.

09:00 AM


June 2013

Skateboarders do not make up the majority of the demographic group that is youth culture. You are a minority, but like every great and powerful movement that ever came to be, you/we are becoming an increasingly powerful minority with huge influence over fashion, art and music. But why? Every month we start out with a blank canvas. Day after day we paint that canvas with another color, another shape, another purpose. We don't know what it's going to look like when it's done, but we do know that once we step back and take a look, we'll have our answer as to why something so small has made such big effects on the world. The feeling you get is the feeling you get and there's no other feeling quite like it. So this is The Berrics' canvas for June, different from May before it and for sure July after it. It is the only canvas of it's kind. Enjoy. - sb

07:45 AM

Vans Introduces the Chima Pro!

Vans has released the super-light, durable "Chima Pro" signature model in four colorways. Congrats, Chima!

04:00 AM

Adriano Lachovski now rides for WARCO

Holy cannoli... Check out this amazing edit of Warco skater Adriano Lachovski. Not only is he a master of tech, rails, and ledges, but he also isn't afraid to shoulder-check security guards that just won't get outta the way!

12:00 AM


Chris Joslin Recruited

Chris Joslin filmed his whole recruit with a torn ACL. Don't know if you know what that means, so if you don't it means that he filmed it with pretty much one leg. Now looking back at his Recruit, he did some of the craziest shit at the park with one leg. Makes me wonder....what the fuck would he have done with two legs?!!!! -Yoon