12:00 AM


in Norway with Phil Zwijsen

Do you usually try to avoid puddles when you're skating? Do you tuck your board underneath your shirt when it starts to rain (a sort of makeshift, radical papoose)? Well, Phil Zwijsen takes a different approach. He attacks the rain, beating it into submission by ollieing into 36-foot powerslides at the Element Skatecamp in Norway. I like the way this guy thinks. If you want to see more of Phil's unorthodox style of skating, check out The Berrics on Saturday the 6th for the World Premiere of the Element Europe video, "Hold It Down"!

11:15 AM

Swanski Partners with UXA for Camo Collabo

Turbokolor has recently partnered with NYC UXA to release a limited camo collabo, designed by our friend Swanski! Video features skating by Krzysiek Jurkowski.

09:00 AM


In NYC With Zered & Dave - part 2

Zered and Dave challenge each other to some games of skill. Leave it to Reda to wring so much tension and drama from a carnival game that you forget it was probably rigged anyway. The good news: there is a celebratory "Sausage & Peppers" waiting for the victor... Holy cannoli!

08:45 AM

Chima Ferguson on his Vans Signature Model

The good folks at Vans have shared a non-stop skate edit of Chima attempting to wear out his new signature model shoe. Will he even be able to wear through the upper? With the Chima Pro's super-durable DURACAP canvas and PRO VULC construction, it's not bloody likely.

07:00 AM


Maple - Seven Steps to Heaven - 1996

Marc Johnson has always been one of the most progressive and stylish skaters. Watching this part from 17 years ago somehow still feels fresh (even though some of the spots are long gone). Just check out a few of the tricks: 360 flip lipslide & kickflip back-tail to-fakie handrails... kickflip noseslide THE Hubba Hideout. This is an epic part, but it is just a taste of the innovative skating that Marc would bring over the course of the next two decades. Every video that he has been involved with has an unmistakable spirit, a sense of fun, that makes skating that much more appealing. Marc is a true original, and the skateboarding world is damn lucky to have him.

04:00 AM


In NYC with Zered & Dave - part 1

Zered Bassett & Dave Ortiz join Reda for a visit to this year's Feast of St. Anthony in Little Italy. There's just something about the way Reda says "Sausage & Peppers"... it's like a painter describing the sun setting on the horizon as the light glints off of the calm surface of the ocean. It just makes me hungry.