02:15 PM

Tony Durao x East Coast x Waters and Army x this dude is good!

In the near future, you can pretty much count on us doing a Trajectory on this new brand hailing from the East Coast, Waters and Army. If they keep putting out edits and acquiring team riders like Tony Durao, you might have a favorite new company. We were so impressed with Tony's skating, Joeface's filming and editing, James Buchmann's additional filming and Waters and Army's ability to punch us in the gut, east coast style, that we had to make this a big post for today. - sb

04:00 PM


with Dante Ross

Since the mid-'80's, Dante has played a significant role in the careers of many groundbreaking hip hop groups, from discovering artists to producing multi-platinum records. Being this influential, you best believe Dante knows his history! Today, he schools you on: Militant Rap.

12:00 PM

In Vermont with Chris Colbourn and Jordan Maxham

at Burlington's Talent Skatepark

We recently spent a couple of weeks in Vermont with some rad dudes: Jordan Maxham, Chris Colbourn, Collin Hale, Cody Hale, Steve Mull and Dave Mull. For a couple of days, the rain threatened to shut down our fun; but our crew couldn't be stopped. We just chugged some maple syrup and headed straight to Burlington's Talent Skatepark. Clips were stacked like pancakes. Want some more of this sweet syrup? Check out Vermontage and The Park Beyond the Pines.

08:00 AM


Jordan Hoffart

12:00 AM


The Heat Is On

It's definitely been feeling like summer for the past couple weeks...last week in particular. The place that I've been calling the "Ice Locker" is now the "Sweat Lodge". With the temps in the 100's what the hell do you think the best skaters in the world are gonna do... go to the beach? Nope... the surfers can keep the beach. Skaters skate and the heat isn't gonna stop the 4 wheels rolling at the best skatepark in the world. Rain, sleet, snow etc... you get the picture. -Yoon