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Andrew Ashcraft

Last week 19 firefighters were killed in a wildfire while battling a blaze on a ridge in Yarnell, Arizona. This team of brave men were called the Granite Mountain Hotshots and among them was father of four, man of faith, hero, brother, son, friend to many, and skateboarder, Andrew Ashcraft. In 2011 he was awarded Rookie of the Year for that fire season and he loved every minute of every day he spent being a fireman as it was something he dreamed of since he was a boy. Andrew's friend, Ryan Moser put together an edit of Andrew skating throughout the years. Foundation skateboards will be releasing a tribute board to help raise money for Andrew and his 18 brethren's families. The board will be available soon and we'll be sure to keep you posted the moment it is. Please take a moment and tell the people you love that you love them. Walk outside today and look at how beautiful the world is even when it's ugly. Appreciate everything it has to offer. Put into perspective and remember that we're all just here doing the best we can with what we have and please, please keep Andrew and his fellow firefighters in your thoughts. - sb

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Krooked Kills It in Kanada!

The Krooked dudes traveled to Ottawa and Toronto last week to celebrate Kanada Day with Top Of The World skateshop. With a parking block on the spine ramp, you know that the Krooked crew was gonna get a little "loonie".

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Every week I'm waiting until the last minute to watch and write up everything for the WATCH THIS section. It takes me, altogether, probably about 8 hours to watch all the videos, pick the ones that are going to be posted and then write something for each one of them. That's pretty much a full work day. Doing that every week gets a little exhausting because that's a full day every week and it's busy around this joint and I don't always have the time so if you've seen spelling mistakes or me using the wrong word because I didn't check autocorrect or I just wasn't thinking at the time, well, it's mainly because I'm rushed. I don't like being rushed because I don't feel like I've given enough of my time to these videos and I know that every single one of you who has ever sent one in has spent a lot of time on them so I feel like I need to give them the dignity they deserve and I really feel like this week I spent as much time as I could to pick the right videos and say the right thing. All of these were supposed to go up yesterday, but, again, I ran out of time. Hey, better late than never, right? Thanks for all your contributions and support of this section. Watching these videos makes the day of the person who sent them in. So, thank you. I'm sure there are still going to be typos. It's past midnight. - sb

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HUF x Real Ramondetta Giveaway Contest!

You could win one of 3 prize packs from HUF, Real Skateboards, Spitfire, and Thunder Trucks...

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Episode 13 - Bearing Battle

Skate Socks is every skateshop in every city around the world. It's all the silly questions we asked or wanted to ask but were too embarrassed. It's that thing you overheard and always told yourself you'd remember it forever. In this episode, the topic at hand is... bearings.