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  • So much good skating gets posted everyday on Insta. Some clips are so insanely good that a few years ago, they could've been legitimate video part enders. But the nature of Instagram is to be of the moment—to be instant. As a result, these clips get forever lost in the black hole of Insta's infinite scroll. "Liked" once and forgotten. Double Tapped is our way of slowing down the ever-growing feed to reflect. These are the clips that stood the test of time over the past 7 days and deserve a rewatch. Tag @berrics and hashtag #BerricsDoubleTapped on your Instavids for a chance to get in next week's Double Tapped.

  • You gotta be quick on your feet if you wanna hang with the best of 'em. Step into the dojo...

  • A couple years back, we bought some shitty twenty-dollar boards from Walmart to see if the best skaters in the world are still the best on trucks that don't turn, wheels that don't spin, and griptape that doesn't grip. We revisited the idea with Chris Joslin earlier this week to see if Walmart had finally improved the quality of their boards — which, as it turned out, was a very big NO. So, just in case you thought Joslin was exaggerating, well, here’s Nyjah, Curren, Louie Lopez, and David Loy in the original Extremely Cheap Skates video. Just remember, you get what you pay for in life…

  • The Skateboard Mag issue #133 is out now! Subscribe in the Canteen and be the first to get all future issues. 

  • A portable bike rack can be used in a million different ways. Chris Colbourn racks em up and gets it done.

  • No Comply? Hell Yes Comply! Ron Whaley and Silas Baxter Neal run through the gamut of no complies in this video for the new Krux Yes Comply trucks.
  • Our fun art form has come a long way in terms of progression, to put it mildly. Never content to just move forward, we often strive to perfect the art of moving backwards. Though it will feel awkward at first, the benefits of switching your stance can be very rewarding; no longer are there spots that can only be approached frontside and your poor, overused pushing leg gets a much-needed rest. If you make the effort to practice ambidextrous skating the way Carlos has, soon enough no one will be able to tell what your true stance is. When they ask, "Was that switch?", you can just reply, "It's whatever you want it to be."  

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