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  • It ain’t easy to film an NBD. Hell, it’s damn near impossible to even think of a Never Been Done trick when people have been doing progressive tricks on skateboards for over half a century. But now, out of the hundreds of submissions YOU sent in, we’re very proud to announce our Grand Prize Winner… This trick is as progressive as it gets. Congratulations, and enjoy your year’s supply of DC Cole Lite 3s. We’ll see ya in LA for a session with Chris Cole!

  • He had some of the standout footy in Minor Media's winning YOUnited Nations 1 edit back in 2010. He came down from Canada to the old park and crushed it for their United Nations later that year. He's popped up on The Berrics in Bangin's and Watch This videos throughout the years. And now he's back. Will Marshall crushes this full street part with some extra fancy footwork. Photo: Josh Hotz

  • Check out Bones ATV Taylor Bingaman on the Rough Riders ATF wheels.

  • Prison is not tight. I live my life in a way where I can avoid any possibility of ending up there. There's nothing cool about behing behind bars with your freedom non-existent. I did end up there once during my time as the photographer for Built To Shred. This was probably one of those times where prison was actually tight. Here are some photos from that day in prison - don't drop that bar of soap, holmes. —Yoon

  • Squints is a little ball of energy and his gigantic love for skateboarding shows in everything he does. This kid's a mad man on a board. 

  • We've asked you to send your Never Been Done tricks - never been done ever in skateboarding, never been done new tricks at old spots, or just tricks that have never been done by you personally. This insane edit, like Chris Cole's part for his DC Cole Lite 3, has truly never been done. Prepare to have your mind blown. Thank you for submitting, and congratulations to all 30 of our winners! Stay tuned to see which one of these tricks will be announced as the Grand Prize Winner tomorrow...

  • Chris Cole asked for your Never Been Done tricks, and hot damn, you guys delivered. Before we announce the winners tomorrow, take a look at all the honorable mentions. 

  • SML. Wheels has big dreams. After dropping a new collection of wheels (see more here), they've given us a sml. glimpse of what British team rider and the good fool Tom Knox has been up to. 

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