Adidas Das Days

Brooklyn Projects


adidas Skateboarding's Das Days event wrapped up this weekend at Brooklyn Projects with best trick and bump-to-bar contests, and some musical performances from Lil GnarGerm, and Strife. If you couldn't make it, check out what you missed! 


Aaron Rivera kicks off the best trick contest with a benihana.


Tj Rogers switch pop shuv over the ramp!


People were getting creative.


Stoke levels were high.


The bar was raised and Aaron Rivera was up for the challenge! 


Straight ollie took the cake. Congrats, Jonathan!


Fino kicked off the music set.


Lil Gnar performed and word on the street is he’s down for the R.A.P. game of S.K.A.T.E.


These rappers might be current but 90’s hardcore band Strife stole the show!


That's a wrap on Das Days. 'Tll next time! Thanks again, adidas!


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