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The Latin American "wing" of adidas Skateboarding takes flight in "Daedalus." (If you knew your Greek mythology, you'd think that sentence is hilarious.) The video features the team—including Rodrigo Teixeira, Klaus Bohms, and Latin American team members Akira Shiroma, Daniel Marques, Marcelo Garcia, Luciano Cristobal, Federico Gonzalez, Christian Dawson, and Guilherme Silva—giving Sao Paulo the stripes of its life. Definitely some strong favela vibes here.

Back to the Greeks, though. According to mythology, Daedalus fathered Icarus, who once sported wings that were attached to his back with wax, which he used to flap up towards the sun (some would say a little too close), causing the wax to melt and detaching that wax. Icarus famously slammed. The moral: always bring your wax to the spot like adidas' Latin American squad. Daedalus up!