Antonio Durao - Berrics Magazine

WORDS: Stu Gomez //  Switch front heel. New York, New York. Photo: Matt Fong


Antonio Durao
Age: 21
Hometown: Patchogue, New York
Setup: 8.3” Numbers, Independent 139s, 53mm Spitfire wheels, Bones Bearings, Mob Grip, Nike SB Lunar FC

As part of the NUMBERS first string, Antonio Durao is in good company. Over the past four years he’s put in his work, getting featured on covers and putting together “numerous” clips (sorry) that showcase his ungodly pop and switch dexterity. It’s only a matter of time until NUMBERS gives him the Pro bump… you can count on it.


Antonio appears in the first issue of Berrics Magazine. Get your copy and subscribe in The Canteen today!


Nollie Heelflip. Los Angeles, California. Photo: Flynn