In the Latest Episode of Desus & Mero


A$AP Rocky is one of the most influential rappers to emerge from music’s current era. He’s now a veteran of the game with influence that reaches beyond music into fashion and other areas of entertainment. Rocky and the rest of the A$AP Mob made a name for themselves through being original. He talks about how skate culture was a major influence on them during their formative years at 13:43 of the latest episode of Viceland’s Desus & Mero.

That’s just the spirit that A$AP brought to the game. Other people do it too in their own way. That’s what I like about hip hop. If you look at a lot of these shows, you have to crowd surf. We came in crowd surfing because it was just, like, a punk rock mentality. It was just one of those things, slam dancing, mosh pitting. We would watch our skate videos and clips, and go to clubs. This is the shit we saw. When you’re making the music, it’s not always just about looking cool. You need to get out rage and emotion. 

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