Austyn Discusses FORMER With Jenkem

Jenkem just posted a new interview with Austyn Gillette in which he discusses FORMER—the clothing brand he founded with Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson. Before his tragic passing in October of 2016, Dylan Rieder was the fourth partner in the brand. Austyn reveals the creative work that Dylan was doing with FORMER right up until the end.

“We were bringing him samples in the hospital, we were driving to his house, we were Skyping nonstop. He’d go into his closet walking on a fucking cane with a fucking tube attached to his stomach just to make sure his jacket was fucking perfect. I have screenshots on my phone, that I would never show anybody, but they’re of him just struggling with life, basically dying, but caring. Clothing was so important to him. Aside from his skating, his style was one of the biggest impacts he had on people. As far as hands on went, we were lucky enough to get his opinion on the first two ranges. He definitely had the talent for that.

For the next stuff we’re trying to figure out something that would be in his best interest but not make it commercial. That’s our best friend. To everyone in the company, that’s our best friend.”

Head over to Jenkem’s site to read the full interview.