Courtesy of Curtis Buchanan

Rob Brink sits down with Austyn Gillette for an insightful interview on FORMER and the state of skate fashion in this new piece for Playboy. As always, Austyn pulls no punches in his honest critique of the state of things as he sees it. He does a perfect job of differentiating FORMER from everything else by explaining what it isn’t in the below quote.

Oh boy. That's exactly what they're doing. There's a lot of fucking bullshit and some half-assed skating going on. It hurts the fucking eyes and soul. Everybody's a fucking celebrity; everybody's trying to get some with their internet personas. Everybody's just blindly throwing shit out there—putting a little milk down on the stairs and seeing if any cats come lick it up. And just because Rihanna wore their dumb ass shirt, people are successful financially. All that matters is putting your shirt on a fucking rapper. I can't wait until the modern rap is fucking done. I really can’t.

Head over to the Playboy site to read the entire interview.