The Supreme Crew Hits the Park




Bill Strobeck’s history as a filmer runs deep. He got his start with Alien Workshop during the Photosynthesis [2000] era. More recently, he’s been known for his work with Supreme. He filmed and edited Cherry [2014]. And he’s the guy behind all of the Supreme clips that have been posted on YouTube and Instagram over the past few years.

Bill was recently at the park and captured this clip of Na-Kel Smith, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin White, Ben Kadow, and Ishod Wair killing the 10-stair. You’re definitely going to want to check out Ben Kadow’s backside grab Smith grind that ends this clip. It’s ridiculous!

Bangin! Tyshawn Jones December 2016


Run & Gun Tyshawn Jones December 2016


Bangin! Ishod Wair October 2014