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"Lifeblood Skateboards is an independently owned and operated company run by skateboarders through and through. Veteran skate photographer and pro skater Bryce Kanights co-founded the brand in July of 2010 with the mindset to promote and progress skateboarding on a core level with road trips and the committed desire to skate all sorts of terrain out there.

The current team is a tight group of skilled friends which includes Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Mason Merlino, Dalton Dern, Joshua Rodriguez, and Canadian Adam Hopkins, matched with its age advanced Lifer squad with Charlie Wilkins, Barker Barrett, Mark Scott, Bryce Kanights, and Scott Koerner.

From discovering and skating new spots to designing board shapes and graphics, from constructing skateparks to showing a kid how to get that first grind, this is what it’s all about for us. Skating is our life; it’s in our blood!" #assumenothing #skateeverything #lifebloodskateboards

For more info on Lifeblood, visit lifebloodskateboards.com.

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Western Edition

"Western Edition began in San Francisco in 1999. The name was derived from the neighborhood known as 'The Harlem of the West' in the '40s through the '60s due to its large African American community and vibrant music scene. In the '60s urban renewal hit the area hard, many residents and businesses were displaced. We saw a parallel with that and what was happening in the SF skate scene around the time we started, with a lot of people moving down south and spots becoming busts. We hope to be keepers of the flame of the spirit of all that was and is great about those times, people and places as sympathizers of simplicity and style."

For more Western Edition, go to westernedition.tv.

02:45 PM

Naming Your Crew 

If the only thing holding your YN4 submission back is figuring out what to name your crew, we got you covered. We asked our main man in the office, Stu Gomez, for a break down of his crew, "Dat Crew, Tho!", and some advice on how to come up with a solid name in a hurry.

11:00 AM


August 2014

Skateboarders do not make up the majority of the demographic group that is youth culture. You are a minority, but like every great and powerful movement that ever came to be, you/we are becoming an increasingly powerful minority with huge influence over fashion, art and music. But why? Every month we start out with a blank canvas. Day after day we paint that canvas with another color, another shape, another purpose. We don't know what it's going to look like when it's done, but we do know that once we step back and take a look, we'll have our answer as to why something so small has made such big effects on the world. The feeling you get is the feeling you get and there's no other feeling quite like it. So this is the Berrics' canvas for August, different from July before it and for sure September after it. It is the only canvas of its kind. Enjoy. - sb

12:00 AM


A Special Message From Geoff Rowley

Today is officially the last day to submit your YOUnited Nations 4 edits, and Geoff Rowley has this to say about it...

12:00 AM


Blood Wizard

"The Blood Wizard was stillborn and left to rot in the hollow of an ancient gnarled tree deep in a Dark Forest. After three days and nights, an angry storm rose up to devour the countryside killing all who lived there. At midnight the sky exploded in a wicked bolt of lightning that ripped through the heart of The Tree and into the corpse of The Blood Wizard. When the storm passed, The Blood Wizard was alive and cursed with the terrible magic of blood and fire. With the wood from The Tree that was his tomb, he made these skateboards for those with the courage to survive their power. To ride with The Blood Wizard is to ride the lightning edge between life and death, at the threshold of fire, on the sacred wood he created // Music: The Wizard Rides Tonight by Blood Wizard"

For more on Blood Wizard, go to bloodwizard.com.

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Push 2

The push is like the skateboarder's thumb print. It's our identification and one is like none other. It comes naturally and gracefully. It gets us to where we need to get in life, and without it, life just stands still. If we can't push ourselves, what's the fucking point? Yoon

10:00 AM


YN3 had so much talent we couldn't choose just one winner. When we chose Distreeto and Ground Control as the winning YN3 crews, we knew that they would film a tight United Nations at the park. But we didn't realize how insanely good these guys are. These crews put it down proper for their UN!

Do you want us to fly your crew out to Los Angeles to film a UN at The Berrics? Well then get crackin' on your YN4 entry. Submissions are due tomorrow!

08:00 AM


YOUnited Nations 3 - Distreeto

With the deadline for YOUnited Nations 4 submissions just a three-day weekend away, we decided to hop into our time machine and blast it into overdrive to show you an example of what we're lookin' for. Here's the second winning submission from 2012's YOUnited Nations 3: Distreeto from Mexico. Give it a quick review and get crackin' on your edit!

04:00 AM


With Daewon Song

HAPPY LABOR DAE!!! Enjoy your day off school or work with this little treat from Daewon and Chase.

12:00 AM


Cody Cepeda at Camp Woodward

The reigning champ of Battle At The Berrics took to Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania to come through with a hell of a Bangin. Look for more footy from Woodward all week long.