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Jose Rojo & Caswell Berry

Sometimes the industry of skateboarding can take itself a little bit too serious and I understand why. There's a lot of passion rolling around on those four wheels and for as much as the people like to talk about how skateboarding isn't about the money, when you're a business, sometimes it has to be about the money. No single company can operate at a deficit, unless you're the US government. Mixed in with all that passion there has to be a little bit of a businessman inside us because no one in the industry grew up wanting to be an insurance salesman because that's no fun and skateboarding is. So, to celebrate that fact, and to prove you can have it just about anywhere when you have a skateboard, we created Off The Grid. For a pro skateboarder whose life can be stressed out due to filming for videos, shooting photos and skating in contests, sometimes he has to go off the grid just to have a little fun. Take it from Jose Rojo and Caswell Berry as they cruise through San Jose. Enjoy. -- sb

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TJ Rogers

Before TJ Rogers could get Recruited, he had to go through the screening process. What that process actually is varies with each individual. TJ came out of Canada and has been slaughtering American street spots with a vengeance these past couple years. C'mon, switch front 360 Hollywood 16? Holy crap... We knew he would go hard for his Recruit... But we had no idea he would go THIS hard. You're gonna freak when you see his Recruit on Saturday.

12:00 AM


If they're given the right tools, skate filmers, as you've witnessed by now, will give even the most famous Hollywood directors a run for their money in creativity, concept, and execution any day of the week. There's no doubt about it. REDirect was our way to pair these super creative individuals with RED cameras — the Hollywood standard for major motion pictures — so that the film world outside of skateboarding could finally witness what we've known all along, and recognize our friends as world-class filmmakers in their own right. That said, REDirect, by nature, has always been a friendly competition; the idea was that it would be more of a Berrics x RED film festival with the best skate filmers in the world than a stuffy, strict contest to find "THE BEST FILMER IN EXISTENCE." All these "contestants" are so good and incredibly talented in their own regards that it would be completely unfair to call any of them better than the others. But, like all film festivals, we wanted to give out one "Grand Prize." That prize: a brand new custom REDirect RED camera kit worth more than a Toyota Prius; it's the very same kit each filmer used to film his project with, and it's quite possibly the best trophy ever won in skateboarding.

Monday night, after screening all 11 REDirect films in proper 4K glory at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood (the same theater that's premiered just about every Hollywood blockbuster), our jury of RED, Berrics, and Hollywood judges announced our Grand Prize Winner. Without further ado... Here's how it all went down.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our REDirect filmmakers! This could've never happened without your hard work and dedication. Take a moment to rewatch all 11 films now right here.

11:55 PM


Europe's JART Skateboards just put out an insane 2 minute edit announcing that they've turned Spain's Sergio Muñoz and France's Adrien Bulard pro. These dudes kill it!

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SUB·JECT [n., adj. suhb-jikt; v. suh b-jekt]
1. That which forms a basic matter of thought, discussion, investigation, etc.: a subject of interest.
2. A citizen or member of a state other than its supreme ruler.
1. Being under dominion, rule, or authority, as of a sovereign, state, or some governing power.
1. Bring (a person or country) under one's control or jurisdiction.

The Berrics subjects its citizens to all new street footage from primary subject #002: TJ Rogers.

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Filament Brand Part 2

In the early 90's a dozen companies, armed with very little money, a lot of hard work and a refusal to fail, rose from the ashes of the recession to become the established brands you know today. Now, in the greatest economic hardship our planet has seen since The Great Depression, it seems history is repeating itself. New companies and new projects are surfacing weekly. Trajectory is our way of introducing to you these initiatives as well as the people who have the courage to throw caution in the wind and not be afraid to have it blow back and hit them square in the teeth. Here is Filament, Part 2. Watch Part 1 here. -- sb

12:00 AM


Russell Houghten: Urban Isolation

REDirect is a celebration of skateboard filmmaking featuring 11 of the most visionary filmmakers in the world, each responsible in their own way for directing the overall look and feel of the modern skate video as we know it. Given a RED camera—the industry standard for Hollywood movies—and complete creative control to bring his vision of skateboarding to life, the Berrics is proud to present to you... Russell Houghten's "Urban Isolation", the final installment of REDirect.

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Russell Houghten: Urban Isolation

Without intent, a work of art is meaningless. The artist statement serves to show that the artist is conscious of their intentions, aware of their practice and its position within art parameters, and of the discourse surrounding it. Who, what, when, where, why: these are the questions any artist asks himself and sets out to answer throughout the creative process. Russell Houghten provides proper insight into the concept and execution of his REDirect piece.