The Astor

DC Shoes Astor

DC Shoes has unveiled its latest cupsole, The Astor. With top-of-the-line Impact-I technology (you know, those inverted cones that allow compression when you land and shock absorption when you bail), The Astor promises to be one of the greatest additions to the DC Shoes family, now in its twenty-third year.

The Astor comes in four different colorways: Gray/Red/White; Dark Green; Black/White; and White/Gum. The Astor features a classic blucher toe (that design that has the side pieces lapped over the front) with nubuck, suede, and/or a canvas upper. One of the most subtle details is a herringbone tread pattern on the sole—very classy.

DC Shoes Astor

The DC Astor is available now! Shop all four colorways here.