Dylan Rieder at 30

Image courtesy of HUF Worldwide


Today is Dylan Rieder's 30th birthday. In observance of the milestone, we've compiled Rieder's footage going all the way back to his Osiris days. Our original intent was to present a complete view of his output, tracking his evolution and growth. But we're sure that there are quite a few blind spots in the below filmography; Rieder was prolific so gaps are unavoidable. We'll have to accept an incomplete filmography as the legacy of a man who always left you wanting more.

These nineteen videos are listed chronologically, but we urge you to view his (nearly) complete filmography in any order—Rieder's skating is timeless. 



Rieder and Diego Bucchieri - Osiris' Subject To Change - 2003




Quiksilver Promo - 2005




Transworld's A Time To Shine - 2006




Alien Workshop's Mind Field - 2009




Gravis' 'dylan.' - 2010



Skateboarder Magazine - Bonus Footage of Rieder in his park - Aug 2010



Gravis - Dylan Cruising - Mar 2011




Rieder's X Games 17 Real Street part




Vice's 'Epicly Later'd' - Part 1 - Jan 2012




Thunder x Hobo Wine Co. collab - May 2012



Rieder's clips from Monster Children's Team Average - Jun 2012




Corona Cerveza's 'Residency' series - Jun 2013




HUF x Monster Children's 'Australian For Tour' - Mar 2014




HUF x Thrasher 'Stoops Euro Tour' - Apr 2014




HUF - The Dylan - Jul 2014



Rieder's shared part with Alex Olson from Supreme's "cherry" by Bill Strobeck - 2014




Supreme's JOYRIDE. by Bill Strobeck - Sep 2014




HUF x Transworld 'Americans Do America' Tour - Sep 2014




Fucking Awesome's tribute to Rieder - Nov 2016


Marty Reigel's tribute to Rieder - Dec 2016