August 20, 2015

The lifespan of a generation is about the only circle we can't dodge or modify. Just like you and I, generations are subject to death. This death, this aging and dying, allows a culture to evolve. Younger generations replace older ones in each phase of life, creating something new, altering the course of its culture, mood and behavior. Each phase of life has its own unique location in the history of skateboarding. What it looked like in the 90s is not what it looks like now, and every week the generation on its way out is being reminded of that. How things once were, they no longer are. And although the new draws upon the old for inspiration so as to create something they feel is better and more reflective of themselves and their experiences, they do not dwell in or care about the same things the old do at this phase in their life. Scathing criticism about the changing of generations by the one being replaced only comes off as being, well, old. There is a new layering of generational personas up and down the skateboarding age ladder. It can be hated. It can be resisted. It can be ignored by those of you who choose to ignore it, but it cannot be stopped, that is for certain. This is what WATCH THIS is all about. The proliferation of change and acceptance that something new is more than just on the horizon. Submit your videos to - sb