10:53 AM


I've never really been interested in San Francisco. I didn't yearn to skate EMB way back when. I didn't particularly care if I was in Thrasher. I didn't want to bomb hills nor did I want to take the BART anywhere in the city. If you were to ask me why, I think I'd say it all stemmed back from a big misunderstanding between myself and another skater from San Francisco when we were on tour over 16 years ago. Funny how something like that could build an aversion to an entire city and an entire corner, basically the other corner, of the skateboarding industry. San Francisco is where they make the best trucks (Venture, Independent and Thunder), the best wheels (Spitfire), and some of the best boards (REAL) on earth and advertise them in one of the best magazines (Thrasher) that we have. When things were sunny in Southern California during the World Industries early 90s, there was a place in the north building its foundation that would survive far longer than the almighty dollar that seemed to drive those companies to irrelevance. That place is Deluxe Distribution. Regret wouldn't be the first words that come to mind when describing what went on in my head after the first time the REAL team came down to the Berrics, but it's probably the most accurate. I regret never having been involved with a group of individuals whose commitment has enabled us all to live a better skateboarding life. I regret having never sat down with Jim Thiebaud and talked about skateboarding. Had I sooner, who knows. I may have saved a lot of time. But they say there's no time like the present, and although I wrote these questions in the past, you get to read them now and learn about stuff I should have learned about a long, long time ago. -- steve berra