Independent released a thick, all-encompassing reference book for skaters this week, Since 1978: 40 Years Of Ads, which compiles the brand's landmark ads from Skateboarder, Action Now, and Thrasher magazines from 1978 to 2018. If you haven't seen the book, we encourage you to drop your local shop and ask if they have a copy you can peep. (Or, better yet, order one from The Canteen—we have a limited quanitity available).

But really appreciate Indy's impact on skateboarding and, some would argue, street culture in general, you need to hear the recollections of some of the riders who were responsible for actually bringing out the best in the trucks. This mini-doc features Lance Mountain, Rick Blackhart, Steve "Ride The Best, Fuck The Rest" Olson, Jeff Grosso, and and many of the ads from the book.

Indy really carved out a time capsule here—a must watch for anyone remotely connected to skateboarding. 

Read Dave Swift's take on the book, from a first-hand perspective, here.