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USA Today sat down with Skate Kitchen's Rachelle Vinberg and Jaden Smith to discuss some of the potentially confusing skate terms that may confuse the film's slumming non-skater audience. With the film releasing on Friday the 10th, this is a critical crib sheet (especially for critical critics, who are known to dismiss cultures that they don't understand too well).

The USA Today video piece is part of a larger article giving you a rundown of Smith's history in skateboarding, acting, and how he discovered the IRL Skate Kitchen crew in the first place. He even talks a little bit about why he quit acting and became more obsessed with skateboarding (hint: it has to do with a little-known airball called After Earth in 2013). One weird takeaway is that usually people quit skating to become actors; Smith flipped the script.

Skate Kitchen, directed by Crystal Moselle, comes out Friday. Show a little support and preorder those tix