The First Season Is 2 Episodes From Completion

Courtesy of Fred Water

Jamie Thomas revealed in the latest episode of The Bunt that his The Thrill of It All podcast is delayed because he’s releasing an entire season. In March, Thomas took to Instagram to announce that he would be launching the podcast this month. And he’s teased Erik Ellington and Ed Templeton interviews on The Thrill of It All account already. With heightened anticipation as we creep towards the middle of April, skateboarding has collectively been awaiting the launch of the Chief’s new project. He explains the hold up at the 1:27:53 mark of this new interview.

I think that this podcast is something for me. I’ve bitten off a bit more than I thought. I want to do it by season. I don’t want the grind of having to do it every week, and people being disappointed when it doesn’t show up. So I was gonna do it by season, and not even drop the first episode until I have the season done. That’s why I haven’t really talked about it too much. I’ve just teased it. I don’t want people to get mad at me because it hasn’t come out yet. But at the same time, I don’t want others to dictate when it happens. I’m trying to get a season of 12 episodes done before I release the first one. And I’m only two interviews away from having all of 'em done.

For more on Jamie, including the status of the new Zero video, listen to the entire episode above.