Jon Dickson - On Emerica!

If you were at the Emerica premiere last night at Vista or paying attention to Instagram, you found out Jon Dickson is the newest rider for Emerica. 

Jon Dickson - On Emerica!

Jon Dickson

On Emerica!

When Emerica Made Chapter 1 premiered Jeremy Leabres was announced to the team, so many speculated Emerica would have another ace up their sleeve. When the curtains opened and the rider's names starting appearing on the screen the hype began to build. Sure enough, the message "And...." was placed on the screen followed by the title "Jon Dickson." As you can expect, everyone in attendance lost their shit. Jon proceeded to have one hell of a first part, dropping hammer after hammer and doing so with solid style. We don't want to spoil it for you, but Jon has no fear of knobs, kinks, or frankly anything in his path. We're so hyped for Jon, we want to say congratulations and invite you to revisit his Bangin! above.