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Last weekend, we held an unprecedented Unsanctioned Battle between the Legion of Doom and the Justice League. This was the first time in BATB history that teams played skate against each other. The outcome was seriously entertaining, and we’re hoping to see a rematch between these two squads in the future.

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. With pros' busy travel schedules, it can be hard at times to get two people at the park on the same day for a scheduled battle. This was the case with Felipe and Luan last week. Of course, we weren’t going to leave you hanging, so we decided to take some advice from the Battle Talk YouTube comments and match Team C-Rob against Team Mike-Mo in the meantime.

Rest assured that Felipe and Luan will be battling it out tomorrow right here. You definitely don’t want to miss these two Brazilian technicians going head-to-head.


Before The Battle | Legion of Doom vs. Justice League


Unsanctioned Battle | Legion of Doom vs. Justice League



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