Erick Winkowski - Berrics Magazine


WORDS: Stu Gomez //  Backside 5-0 photo: Palozzolo


Erick Winkowski
Age: 22
Hometown, San Diego, California
Setup: 10.34” Santa Cruz, Independent 159, OJ Wheels 61mm, Bronson
bearings, Mob grip, Vans Sk8 Hi

When Erick Winkowski turned Pro this summer, it was natural to think “Wait… I thought he was already pro?” Winkowski liens toward the vintage; coverage of his tricks and board of choice (with a width well into the double digits) could have been ripped from an early issue of “Poweredge.” His hoho of a part in last year’s lo-fi Santa Cruz full-length, Right to Exist, fascinates fans further: strip away the modern bells and whistles and what you’re left with is purity, plain and simple.

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