Showcase X Gonz

All Photos Courtesy of Jon Edwards / adidas skateboarding


adidas Showcase X curated by Mark Gonzales held its opening reception last week at the Milk Studios in Chelsea, NYC. The show will be on display until July 29th and features work by Erik Foss, Porous Walker, Earsnot IRAK, Cole Mohr, Dave FTL, Chris Shonting, Remy Lagrange, Taylor McKimens, and Jennay Say Qua.

As part of adidas Skateboarding’s Das Days NYC, the opening reception last week included two surprise performances by Gonz himself paying homage to his 1998 performance art collaboration with German artist Johannes Wohnseifer. This time around he donned a black fencing suit and glided throughout the installation during a two-song performance. It was definitely a moment to remember for those in attendance.


Showcase X Milk Studios

Milk Studios in Chelsea.

Showcas X Taylor McKimens and Jennay Say Qua.

Artwork by Taylor McKimens and Jennay Say Qua. 

Showcase X Chris Shonting

Chris Shonting photography.

Showcase X Earsnot IRAK

Artwork by Earsnot IRAK.

Showcase X Remy LaGrange and erik floss

Photography and artwork by Remy LaGrange and Erik Floss.

Showcase X Dave FTL

Dave FTL artwork. 

Showcase X Porous Walker and Cole Mohr.

Artwork by Porous Walker and Cole Mohr.

Showcase X Gonz X Wohnseifer.

Gonz X Wohnseifer.