Gonz Reveals His Latest Creation in a New Interview With Hypebeast

Courtesy of adidas Skateboarding

Hypebeast sat down with Mark Gonzales for an interview in honor of Krooked’s new collaboration with adidas. During the conversation, Gonz reveals his upcoming Guest Board projects. The next will be a baby Beemer board for Tyshawn Jones. And, after that, he is making something for Mike Vallely that apparently has ridges like a Ruffles potato chip. This sounds like something that has yet to be seen in skateboarding.

We’re doing the Krooked “Guest Boards.” The first guest board that is radically different from the rest is coming up and I think it’s for Tyshawn Jones. TJ’s board is like a baby Beemer. I was riding his board and it’s like 11-inches wide. It’s a massive board. He got on my board and really skated so well on it. After that, I really wanted to give him a Guest Board with his model and his name on it. I scaled it down a bit so a lot of the younger guys can ride on it and do the tricks they want to do on it. That’s the baby Beemer for TJ and after that, I’m going to go really crazy. It’s a Ruffles potato chip so the board actually has grooves, like a washboard. It’s for Mike Vallely and we’re working on the molds right now.

Head over to Hypebeast to read the entire piece.