Mark Suciu began to gain exposure just over 8 years ago when Habitat's Origins was released. His quick-footed prowess and precision was easy on the eyes, and when subsequent Suciu parts dropped it became clear that he was a master of a very specific, soothing style of skating—call it "rapid fire ambience."

Then, around the time of adidas' Away Days, he kinda dropped out of the limelight. This period, influenced by a mixture af higher learning obligations and an unfortunate bout of appendicitis, turned out to be critically necessary for Suciu; he became rejuvenated and refreshed, and now… he's back. Route One UK have been big fans of this quick-feet master since they saw his first fakie crook fakie flip out, and they were well-equipped to ask Suciu the probing questions. 

Here, Suciu explains the effect that his time off has had on his skating:

Skating is so much more fun now, and I nerd out over it really hard. I don't feel like the relationship with skating is as fickle as before. 

Watch the entire "Catching Up With Mark Suciu" interview above and stay tuned to Route One UK for future installments.