Bobby Worrest is an amazing skateboarder from the Washington, D.C. area. He rides for Krooked skateboards, Independent trucks, Spitfire wheels, Pitcrew skate shop, and éS shoes. It’s been a couple of years since Bobby has done a full part; which is why many people, myself included, were very excited when éS announced the Bobby Vs. The Edgar video in honor of his new shoe that was released earlier this summer. As soon as it was decided that this video was going to premiere in the Aberrican Times, we knew we had to get an interview to go with it. Bobby discusses the filming process, The Edgar, Washington, D.C., contests, travels, Harleys, and more. Check it out below.

When did you get started on the Bobby Vs. The Edgar video?

I went on a trip out to Pittsburgh last November or October just trying to film stuff and start stacking footy just to have it. We got a bunch of stuff and I was like “fuck, let’s try to do a video part.” I had no idea that it had to be HD only. Most of the stuff we got on that trip was VX, so they were like “we can’t use it;” but that was when the idea to try to work on a part and throw it on the internet started.

So it was more your idea, it wasn’t that éS wanted you to do the part.

I fully wanted to do a part because the last real video part I had was Transworld and that was like three years ago or something. I hadn’t really done anything in a while. Me and Bob Reynolds did a part in You Gotta Get That. That was kind of like… I didn’t have shit, I gave them what I had. So, I was like “fuck man, two years have gone by and I haven’t done a video part. I might as well do one.” I was going out to L.A. a lot and I was like, “I guess we can do an éS part and put it on the internet.”

Were you filming on these trips to L.A. or did you film most of the video on the East Coast? Where did you go in order to get stuff done?

I guess I shouldn’t say that I was in L.A. a lot, we were trying to be more on a filming mission. I went to L.A., Vegas – we took a couple of trips to Vegas for a particular trick. I think the hardest part was getting someone on the East Coast with that HD camera. Nobody’s got it. My one buddy Joe Bulio in New York has it and our other buddy Allen Danze who lives in D.C. has one, but with no fish eye. It was tough.

How’d you get it done? Just working with those two guys?

I mean we went on éS trips and I had stuff backed up. I had a guy named Matt from Sacramento; he came out and stayed with me for a few weeks. That was really towards the end to try to get some last tricks or whatever. Originally I wanted to film for a whole year and when the weather gets shitty on the East Coast then try to put it out. I got some pressure from éS, they were like “we want to put it out in August.” I was like, “that’s seven months away, that’s gonna be tough;” but I guess it worked out. I did what I could in that amount of time.

What was the process for designing the Edgar and what makes it different from your first shoe the First Blood?

The Edgar is just simple. I like the large toe area and the sole is pretty sick. The First Blood was simple too. I don't know, Edgar's my middle name. Me vs me, kinda weird but whatevs.
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Given that the shoe came out in June, was there a reason for the delay in releasing the video? Were you going out and filming more stuff?

I probably got a few things during that time. Pretty much when they said it was the deadline, I was like “alright, here you go; this is everything.” Then I think what, two months went by? We got a little more stuff during that time.

Then right when the video was about to be released, éS made the announcement they were shutting down and the video got put under wraps. What was going on during those few weeks?

That was it. I think that whole thing happened the day before the part was supposed to go out. Oh yeah, we couldn’t get rights for the song that we wanted to use. So that was a whole other big thing as well. A month has gone by since then, we still couldn’t get the rights up until a week ago. It’s edited to a sick Tommy G. song. When that whole éS thing happened, we were like “fuck, what are we gonna do?” We were gonna put it out as a Krooked internet thing.

How did you find out about éS discontinuing? That must have been crazy since your new shoe just came out and the part was about to drop.

I got a phone call the day before the part was gonna come out. They were like, “yeah, éS is done.” It was a shocker.

They’re still going through the spring of 2012, so you’re pretty much just riding for them through the spring?

Yeah well, my contract is up. Apparently I’m done in January, December is the end for me. I don’t know if they have anything in mind… that’s as much as I know.

So basically you’re just playing it by ear and seeing how things work out.

I guess, as far as I know it’s done. I mean it’s done in the Spring, but everyone knows that right?

No one knows what the riders are doing which is why I asked. But let’s talk about some other stuff, you got seventh place in Maloof in D.C.

Hahaha, yeah.

That looked pretty cool, all of the Pitcrew guys were holding up Bobby Worrest signs in the crowd. What was it like skating that contest?

It was pretty rad, it was definitely cool having the support of all of my friends. I don’t know, I was psyched. I usually blow it at contests. I guess I tried a little harder, it meant a little bit more to me this time around.

The park is still there, have you been skating it since the contest?

I haven’t skated it since, I’ve been out of town for a little bit. Apparently kids have been trying to go skate it and cops show up and are like, “no one can skate it until November 30th” or something like that. It’s crazy. We’re like, “it’s gonna be snowing by then. Why can’t we skate the park? It’s in an open lot,” and they’re like “we’re figuring stuff out, no one’s allowed to skate it.”

What about Pulaski and downtown, is that still a bust? Do you go down there a lot?

It’s the same as it’s always been. I’ve been out of town lately; I’m back in D.C. now. We’ll probably go skate down there a little later today.

When did you first start going down there and who were the locals at that time?

The first time I ever went down there was around 2000 or 2001. You’d see Mike Nalls and Paul McElroy skating, I became friends with those guys. They are pretty much my buddies, and that all lead to the Pitcrew times; but that was like ’03 or maybe ’02.

You’ve been skating for Pitcrew for a long time, did you link up with them through Paul and those guys?

Yeah, they’re pretty much the best shop in the area. They’re kind of far out, but they’ve been holding it down for a long time. Everyone who works there is rad, the owners are rad. They’ve helped me out a ton with everything, whether it’s product or getting hooked up by somebody.

You got sponsored by Deluxe through Real first, was that through Pitcrew? How did that happen?

That happened through Mike Nalls. When I started skating with him, I had been filming and I had a little video. He was like, “hey, send your tape to this dude.” I started getting stuff from Real. They started up Krooked right when I was getting flow for Real. The old team manager Matt Newton was like “hey, I’m gonna send you a box of Krooked stuff. If you like it, it’d be rad if you wanted to ride for Krooked and if you don’t like it then you can keep skating for Real.” The box was fucking sick!

Talk a little bit about Chris Hall, he’s a good friend of yours and you had that part in his Get Familiar video, how did all of that come about?

He had a few guys that he wanted to have parts, Darren Harper was definitely the dude that he wanted to showcase. Originally he just wanted a couple of tricks from me, but as time went on and we kept filming; I just kept giving him stuff and hanging out at his house. We ended up going on a bunch of trips and it was fun.

Speaking of trips, where have you been traveling this summer?

I’ve been going to Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh’s got cool shit, New York, just everywhere. I’ll go to North Carolina and hang out with Rodent. Just all around I guess.

Are you going to Maloof in South Africa?

Yeah, I leave next week.

Are you excited about that, first time in Africa?

Yeah, only time in Africa probably. It should be super cool for a couple of days. I guess as far as the contest, just try to do good.

You’ve gotten to travel a lot through skateboarding, what’s the most memorable trip that you’ve been on?

The first trip that I went on was pretty rad, it was the Krooked Guest tour and we went out to Japan. That was fun.

You’ve spent a lot of time with Mark Gonzales, can you give us a good story?

Ummmmn, I can’t think of anything. I think I’ve told them all. I haven’t seen him in a solid year. He moved out to Paris. I just talked to him for the first time in a year two days ago. We were talking about me trying to get out there to skate with him for a little bit.

They just had a memorial for Van Wastell out here at Skate Lab in Simi Valley. You guys were the first amateurs on Krooked and traveled together a lot. What do you remember about Van?

I wanted to go out to the memorial, but I wasn’t able to make it out there. He was just always sick. We were travel mates; whenever we went on trips we roomed together. He was like an older brother.

What’s the word on Krooked Kronichles 2?

Now that this part is coming out… well, I guess I’m working on that X-Games thing.

Oh, the Real Street.

Yeah, the Real Street; but yeah I totally want to do another Krooked Kronichles. I mean everyone is trying to film HD and shit, I’m trying to go back to the VX. It just looks way sicker. In my opinion it’s way sicker, it’s just the camera for skateboarding. That’s how I like skateboarding documented.

Since all the Krooked videos except the first one have been VHS, Digicam, and 3D; do you think this next one might be an all VX video?

I’m hoping just VX with solid parts from everyone and no bullshit in between. I shouldn’t say bullshit, I’m just hoping it’ll be a solid video; but that’s all in the works so it’s too early to say right now.

You got a Harley now, have you been riding that thing much?

Yeah, I got a few of them. I pretty much gave one of them to my sister and I got one that’s being worked on, it has problems; and I got one that works fine.

Have you taken it on any long trips?

Yeah, we went on a Motorcycle trip; it was like a Rodent trip. We went down to Tennessee and stuff. I’ll ride down to North Carolina every once in a while, I’ll ride to Philly.

Do you think you’ll ever try to take it across the country?

Well the one I have right now is running pretty fine, I could see riding that thing across. I don’t know how to work on them or anything yet.

If you had to make a list of the top five all-time best D.C. skaters both past and present, who would be on it?

Probably Sean Sheffey, Pepe Martinez, Jack Curtin kills it, Daniel Kim is fuckin’ sick, and I’ll throw Chris Hall on that list, Reese Forbes and Brian Tucci too.

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