Do the words “Daewon’s Almost 5 Incher B-Sides” mean anything to you? I mean, besides total and complete, gripping excitement? Because really, what are B-Sides to a man who can control a skateboard as if it is a part of his body? These are A-Sides. No, these are A Plus-Sides. He is one with the board. If skateboarding was The Matrix, he’d be the one with the board. Fuck bending spoons, bitch, we skating on rocks and trees up in this bitch!

Daewon is no stranger to strange terrain — there was the picnic table piling phase, and there was the mini ramp brought to you by Mouse Trap phase, and now there’s the rocks and trees and walls and basically anything typically deemed unskateable phase. He certainly has a way with banks. And, well, I guess everything else, too. Those manual firecracker thingies are fucking ungodly. This part is ungodly. He just does whatever he wants! It isn’t fair!

But it is nothing short of mindblowing. It’s actually kind of confounding to watch. The limits of your comprehension will be tested. This part demands some re-watching, if your mortal senses can even withstand repeated viewings of such a facemelting spectacle. If nothing else, it’ll have you looking at that rock at the end of the driveway a little differently from now on…

Dedleg is a Brooklyn-based skater, designer, and a notorious sketch artist - that is, a practitioner of both sketching and sketchiness. He's spent over a decade educating himself on the complex world of stoke, and what better way than by spending the majority of his time skating crumpled on the cold, hard concrete, just like a skateboard itself? Not content to leave his skateboarding to the parking lots and sidewalks of the world, Dedleg likes to draw and write about his beloved four-wheeled toys during his off time. He also really likes pizza. See more of Dedleg around the web at dedleg.com and follow him on twitter.