Element's Make it Count continues with the most recent stop in Sacramento, CA. Entry fee for the contest is one canned food item that is donated to local food banks. The overall winner of each stop will be flown to California to compete in the finals, and get a private session at the Berrics with the rest of the Element team.

Sacramento local, Miika Adamov, was the overall winner for stop number two. We caught up with Miika to find out who he is and get his take on skating the Make It Count contest.

1. Start with telling us how old you are and where you're from.

Just turned 23. From Sacramento CA, but i was born in Tallin, Estonia.

2. Who are your sponsors?

PLA skateshop, Nike SB flow and Blind flow.

3. You were a Make it Count winner last year. What made you want to compete again this year?

I honestly didn't know if I could enter, being in the contest last year, but everyone kept asking me "Are you going to enter?" "Contest is this Saturday, you goin?" so i was like, sure why not, right?

4. What's changed about your skating since last year's contest?

Um, I don't know. I'd say my switch is a lil' better, a tad more consistent too I guess.

5. Were you more comfortable skating the contest the second time around?

Yes, it was definitely a lil' easier. Although, I was worried when I broke my board in the middle of the 2nd zone. Luckily I had an old one in the car and switched it out before the contest ended.

6. Are you excited about heading back to Element skate camp? What are you looking forward to the most?

I'm very excited for Element skate camp, that place is amazing. That little 4 rail that they have there is always fun to skate

7. Was last year your first time at the Berrics?

I had gone there a couple times before, but last year was definitely one of the best sessions I've had there.

8. You threw down some pretty serious tricks at the park last year. Have anything new lined up for the park this year?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Gonna pace myself this time though, last year was definitely a work out on the legs.

9. Are you doing anything special, besides skating, to prepare for the finals?

As a matter of fact I am. I recently bought a road bike, been hitting the trails couple times a week. If Cardiel does it, it must be good, and also stretching a lot. If your ever in Sacramento area, I recommend you go see Dr.Dicker, he knows his stuff.

10. Any final words?

FOFA for life!