Everyone loves the summer. It’s hot out, girls wear fewer clothes, everybody’s happy (probably because the girls are wearing fewer clothes), and almost every day is a perfect day for skateboarding. My summer was filled with barbeques, fishing, a healthy amount of bro time, and even a spot of golf – a pastime I usually indulge in…well, never, because I used to think it was kind of lame (the jury’s still out on that one).

One group of rippers that could make the wildest of summers look tame is the eternally rad Flip team - and their new little edit damn well proves it. I went to an acoustic in-store gig, they hung out with Motorhead. I skated the new concrete park down the road as much as my body could take, they toured the world and shut down entire continents with their snazzy wheelieboard maneuvers. I watched and wrote up a report of a skate comp in Australia, they destroyed the competition at the X-Games and the Empire contest. I cooked some freaking tasty chicken at a friend’s barbeque, and they shredded with Hosoi and Caballero at Arto’s pool (Langi is a beast).

As if this wasn’t enough, David Gonzalez revisited his home town with a reception from locals that can only be described as rock and fucking roll. And if that wasn’t enough, Lance Mountain hucked a boardslide down the rail at the Maloof Money Cup legends contest. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you, because it’ll only become clear that Flip had a better time than most of us over the last few months and I don’t want to upset anyone.

I guess what I’m trying to say here folks, is that the entire Flip team killed it this summer. The Flip OGs proved they’ve still got the finesse to keep up with the kids, and the young guns proved why they deserve their spots in the next generation of professional and amateur skateboarders.

This new iPhone edit, ironically titled Flip’s Summer of Hell (I think they should’ve called it Flip’s Summer of Swell, because it’s so darned nifty) will show you just how much fun the team had in real-time. You could argue that the actual video will be far more interesting than all that stuff I just wrote, but I don’t know, if you made it this far I guess it was worth the effort…right?