Technology meets skateboarding in the form of a new iPhone app called Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals from Know Projects, Element Skateboards, and MEDL Mobile. Designed to teach the basics, Know Skateboarding is the ultimate tool for the beginner. The app features twenty-two tricks, four pros, Natural Stance™ visual instruction and more, making it a powerful reference guide to have in your pocket.

Skateboarding has progressed so far that it could be hard for a person just starting out to even know where to begin. Know Skateboarding aids in this process by introducing tricks broken down into four categories – ollies, manuals, and grinds, slides, intermediate grinds, and basic tricks. Once mastered, these fundamentals provide infinite potential for growth. As the old saying goes, you must learn to crawl before you can walk; Know Skateboarding guides you through the logical progression when it comes to learning tricks.

The instructors in this app are all professionals from the Element team. Chad Tim Tim, Darrell Stanton, Mark Appleyard, and Levi Brown give their individual insight into the best way to learn tricks. They go into detail on less intuitive aspects of skating like how to approach obstacles and positioning your body. This is extremely helpful. The pros also explain the significance of each trick and what else can be accomplished through learning it. This clearly identifies which basic moves are necessary to take your skateboarding to the next level.

Other key features in Know Skateboarding include the Pro Team pages that give background information on all of the pros featured in the app, The Natural Stance™ visual instruction which allows the user to get their trick tips based on their stance, and HD video parts from all of the features pros. All of this creates a fantastic experience that makes learning the basics of skateboarding both easy and fun. Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals is a must-have tutorial app for the novice skater and is available now in the iTunes store.

Download it from iTunes today.