By Jeremy Lugo
I recently had a chance to speak to Mr. Jimmy McDonald. The east coast native currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is healing off of a recent ankle injury. It's been this way since the end of summer 11' but Jimmy is still hopeful about getting enough footage before the end of the year for the upcoming 5BORO video. His eS video part is the result of video production from legendary Scuba Steve and independently talented Chris Mulhern. It only took Jimmy a year to get this video together but as any hungry Am, he's disappointed that he couldn't add more due to injury.

It's no secret that Jimmy's been on the come up for sometime now. He's develop a style that's easy on the eyes and has many in awe of his ability to adapt his trick selection wherever he wants. In a time where kids are going pro before they even have pubes, the bearded Mr. McDonald keeps to his old school standards where paying your dues are a must. As he begins to start rolling around again on his board, I asked him if skateboarding continues to be "fun & organic" to which he replied with ease "I definitely still think of skateboarding as fun and organic. Obviously sometimes the process of filming can get frustrating, but I still love skating and I don't know where I would be without it."

Jimmy is insanely humble and frankly I had my doubts as to whether the colder NY season had made him bitter and angry. Regardless of missing the best season in skateboarding on the east coast, Jimmy continues to host a smile on his face and is consistently working as hard as humanly possible to make his 5BORO video part as mesmerizing as his past video projects. He spilled the beans and stated that we could possibly expect to see the video drop as soon as December of this year.

Thanks to Jimmy and Tombo at 5BORO for taking the time out to speak to me and be sure to check out updates on 5BORO.com for team & video updates.

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Jeremy Lugo works for 2nd Nature Skateshop in Mamaroneck, NY and runs Ripped Laces in his free time. See more at the Ripped Laces site and follow Ripped Laces on twitter.