Joey Brezinski could possibly be one of the techest pros in the game right now, and this clip for his new brand Andale helps drive that point home. We caught up with Joey to learn a little more about Andale, where it came from and what to expect.

How did Andale come about?
I was walking through a contest with Chico and I said to him" Andale hurry up", I like speaking spanish to Chico. Then I said andale would be a sick name for a bearing brand.

Are you the only owner of the company?
No Paul Rodriguez is a co owner.

How do you manage your time between skating and owning a company?
It's pretty hard but manageable, I go skate really hard and get myself super sore and Then I relax at my computer doing andale.

Is there a significance between burritos and Andale or do you just love them?
I'm a big fan of burritos, But Andale is bearings. I do love them both one keeps my tummy full and the other keeps my skateboard fast.

Who is on the Andale team?
The team is P Rod , My self, Guy Marino, Deawon Song, Lucas Puig, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent Mcclung, Trevor Mcclung, JB Gillet, Ryan Sheckler, Daniel Espinoza, Kevin Bradley, Ray Maldonado, Shmatty Chaffin, Kelly Hart, Manny Santiago, Marquise Henry, Nick Tucker.

Do you welcome riders to the team with a big burrito dinner?
I've gotten a few burritos with some of team riders over the years..

Should we be looking out for some new additions to the team?

What makes Andale bearings special?
I spent 2 years R&Ding samples looking for the best bearings to make, The team helped with the testing as well. After 2 years we found a great affordable bearings for the the whole world to try out.

Where can people get their hands on some Andale bearings?
Right now they're available Primitive, Val Surf , Zj's Boarding house, Boarders, Pharmacy, S.O.B., and Liberty Boardshop.