Nick Boserio makes the move to Zero just in time to start stacking clips for the Cold War video. We caught up with Brass to ask him about the move to Zero, Cold War, life and more in this interview.

What prompted your move to Zero?
Zero's a company with a great history, a sick team and a cool direction right now; bringing back some of that Misled Youth era. You can see it in all the Cold War promo clips, I'm hyped on it.

Did being on Insight with Jamie help with a smooth transition?
Yeah for sure, being on insight meant I'd been on two trips with him Dane and Lannie Rhoades. Being on Insight meant that I'd spent time at Blackbox and it was familiar you know?

Cold War getting pushed back might be a blessing in disguise, are you going to have a full length part?
For me yes, it means I'm gonna try and get a full part.

Are you collecting all new footage or will it be a combination of old and new?
Has to be new

You feeling any pressure from the Chief to meet the October deadline?
Not at all, but for myself of course I want to have a good part by then

How'd it feel to be Slam's 2012 skater of the year?
An honour and a pleasure. And a surprise! Brittney and I weren't even going to go to Sydney that weekend, we were actually going to go away to Noosa that weekend. I should have known something was up when Nike changed our flights but I had no idea.

What part of Australia do you live in?

What's your living situation like?
I live with my girlfriend Brittney in an apartment full of bric-a-brac, just out of the city. We have a little Christmas tree up in the window.

Any plans to move to California to film for Cold War?
Not in time to film for the video, but I'm working on it right now. I'd like to live there for a few years.
What's up with that lady chasing you before the 50-50 gap to rail in your welcome video?
She lived there, tried to kick us out, gave up, then came back. Running.

Why do your friends call you The Brass?
The Royal Bar and Brasserie was some place my friend worked at or something and we were just dumb making up names for each other at the time and it stuck. Brasserie sort of sounds like Boserio right? Also, noone really calls me the brass haha, just brass.

Are you a big Tom Penny fan? I noticed a Sorry reference on the train in the Nike SB China tour video and a funny picture on your Instagram. What's the story behind that?
Tom Penny's sick, if you're a skateboarder you're a Tom Penny fan. We were watching a lot of Penny footage on that trip. Just bored and being on the train for ages, it's gonna happen. And the answers to the universe lie within his nostrils.

What keeps you busy when you're not skating?
Spend time with ma lady, hang out with tha POONers, read, put Beer Money stickers on my trucks, play that simpsons phone game, play squash with Conna. Do the dishes, sleep, all that stuff.

Aside from the Cold War video, what can we expect from The Brass in 2013?
We should be coming out with a Nike Australia clip called Two Up with parts from Alex Campbell and myself.

Any New Years resolutions?
Move to California.