#1 - New Balance Numeric

I sat down with PJ Ladd at the Plan B Headquarters to ask him some questions about his recent move to New Balance and find out his favorite shoes of all time. With PJ's perfectionist ways, I was curious what he would choose. With two pro models under his belt, his answers were surprising. - Eric Lantto

Hey PJ, you've ridden for some of the best shoe companies ever with pro models on both ES' and DC. Knowing what a perfectionist you are I was curious, since you first picked up a board to present day, what are your top 5 best skate shoes of all time.

My top 5.....let's see.

1. PJ Ladd Signature New Balance #

2. Rick Howard's first Pro Model on DC

3. Mike Carroll "The Cosmo" DC

4. Accel ES

5. Koston 1 ES

I'm surprised your ES' shoe wasn't one of them, it had clean lines and was a solid skate shoe. You recently made the switch from the 3 stripes to the Boston based company New Balance. How did you end up being the first pro on your hometown brand? I think everyone was surprised how quick that went down.

It was kind of by surprise. New Balance approached me with Jamie Thomas about doing a skate program. I was a little apprehensive at first but, the New England connection, the commitment to the brand, and it was a new opportunity so I went with it.

New Balance came out of the gate swinging for the fences with their skate line. I saw them all and aesthetically the shoes are very clean and look sharp. Is there a particular shoe you're favoring from the New Balance line from all the ones you've worn?

That was the thing when I heard they were going to do the skate line, I hadn't seen any of the shoes. So I didn't really think much until I did see the line. At that point I knew they were really good. I've been riding the cup sole models, they are called the Stratford 479. Those are what I'm wearing and they are really solid. I've had a few pictures up and they take a beating.

Nice, everyone is looking forward to your pro model debut. Thanks for talking shoes with us PJ.

Words By: Eric Lantto (Writing, Skateboarding, Reno, LA, Tennessee, and Travel. I'll take two lumps to give one.)