A couple days ago, Malto posted photos of a beyond bloodied shoe and his swollen ankle on Instagram, with the caption “Skateboarding comes with consequences. I’m thankful for the support from my friends and family!” The shoe, which looked like a gruesome, brutally gory artifact out of a Saw movie, was evidence enough to let the world know this wasn’t just a normal rolled ankle. Nope, not your standard tweakage or petty hot pocket. We’re just thankful to hear that his foot and joint are still fully in tact. For his first serious injury, Malto got off easy. Here’s to a speedy recovery; hang in there!

"I’ve never really had a bad injury before. I had a meniscus surgery, but I was walking the next day. This is going to be the longest for me. I was just skating into this fountain, it was like a three-block. It was maybe the size of a 10-stair. We were getting kicked out. It was like my fifth try. I was kind of in between landing on it and bailing it. I think I bailed it too late to where I landed back on my board with my back foot. It just turned my ankle sideways. Someone was shooting a sequence, and they have a photo where my back foot is completely sideways with all my weight on it, and my front foot isn’t even on the ground. I came down 10 stairs onto my back foot. I immediately looked at my friend, and I was like, “I just broke my ankle. Come help me.” I was hobbling up the hill, and I wasn’t as calm as I’m making it seem [laughs]. I was panicking. I looked down and saw blood coming out of my shoe, and I’ve never seen that with anyone from rolling their ankle before, so I just started freaking out. It was bleeding out of every hole in my shoe. I figured the bone popped out of my foot. I immediately started calling around, like, “Where’s the best hospital? I have to get surgery, I want it to be done right.” I couldn’t figure out fast enough, so I ended up at KU Med, which is a good hospital—it’s one of the best in Kansas City. But it’s scary when you know you’ve hurt yourself that bad. And to think that just anybody is going to work on you is a little scary.

"The nurse cut off the shoe and just threw it away. And you know, I’m cool without seeing that thing ever again [laughs]. It would have been nice to keep, but I’m good without being ever reminded of that. I have the left one at my house still, and I’m like, “Man, I might get rid of this.” Tomorrow I’m actually having my friend go focus my board for me. That board’s done. My skateboard’s going to feel so foreign to me anyway once I get back on, so I might as well get used to some new trucks too.

"When they took X-Rays, they were like, “Your ankle’s not broken. We don’t see any fractures, at all. You must have just stretched the skin so bad that when it hit the ground or it hit your board or whatever, it must have just popped and tore open.” They were like, “We’ve never seen skin tear and the ankle not break.” They were tripping off it. I have an appointment to go back on Thursday to get the MRI and get it all checked out. Now I’m sitting here wondering what happened to this thing. Something happened. I felt something pop. I thought it was the bone, but I guess it wasn’t.

"What sucks is that when you tear your skin open, your ankle joint’s not supposed to be exposed to air or anything like that. So that night when I went into the hospital, I had to go into a minor surgery just so that they could put a hose down there and clean out the inside of my joint. I had to go and get put under for an hour. They cleaned out all the bacteria so it wouldn’t get infected.

"My mom lives 45 minutes away from me. I’m so thankful. I went from the hospital straight to my mom’s house, and I’ve just been at my mom’s house the last three days. It’s been so helpful. I might just be posted here for the next month [laughs]. I don’t have a girlfriend, so… Yeah, I might post here.

"My ankle is just insane right now. It feels like it’s not even a part of me. I guess it was just the most extreme you can roll it without breaking it. I did not want pins or plates or anything like that, so I’m definitely thankful. I’ve hit up Nike, and they said they’d get me an apartment out in Portland if I want to rehab out there. They’ve been helping me out on all that. But I’m just tripping out on even getting to the point of rehab [laughs]. But then again, I have cable, I have NBA League Pass, I’ve got my Playstation, I’m set. I was honestly thinking about getting my high school diploma since I don’t have one. I’m like, “I’m not going to be able to do anything else, I might as well.” That’s how bored I’m getting—like actually contemplating going back to high school [laughs]. Maybe I’ll do it. I can have a graduation/back to walking party."—As Told To Kevin Duffel