By Oliver Pelling

Emerica's creative department don't need any help when it comes to cooking up rad designs. The guys' behind all the top-notch artwork over at camp Emerica probably know they're awesome at what they do, but what's cool is that they're not dicks about it. Nothing sucks more than talent that's overshadowed by buckets of dickiness. Emerica's design team prove their non-dickiness each and every year by giving you the chance to have your own scribbles emblazoned across one of their high quality garments. Isn't that nice of them?

Now in it's 13th year, the Emerica Design a Tee comp is underway again and all you need to do to be in with a chance to win is draw some shit and send it in. Make sure it's good though, because judging this year's comp is Emerica's own fashion-guru, Jerry Hsu. Jerry's time is valuable and apparently he's a tough man to please, so you'd better not send in anything but your best work. There are pages and pages of entries on Emerica.com that have already been submitted, so the sooner you get to the drawing board, the better.

As well as having the privilege of your own design scrawled across an Emerica t-shirt, the three (yes, three) lucky winners will also receive five of their tee's in the post, and three pairs of Emerica shoes.

The closing date for the competition is Sunday the 30th of October, which means you've got a whole week to get your shit together. Imagine how much it'd suck if you missed the deadline and one of the winner's designs' was similar to an idea you had, but worse. Imagine that. You'd hate yourself and you would've missed a killer opportunity to do something insanely cool. Head over to the Emerica site, download the template, read the rules, grab a pencil, paintbrush, or anything else that makes a mess, and wile out.

Oliver Pelling is a freelance journalist and writer from the UK who writes for skate mags and a few other non-skate publications and websites. Learn more about Oliver on his website and follow him on twitter.