By Oliver Pelling
Core-skate footwear heavyweights Emerica announced last week that 17-year-old ripper Trevor Colden has officially earned himself a spot on their amateur team.

After his first tour with the Emerica squad, the powers that be were so impressed that they saw no other option but to make Colden, who's also sponsored by Mystery and Omit among others, their newest am-bassador.

After being flow for the company for just one year, Colden was ecstatic that he'd made it onto the official roster: "I was fuckin’ blown away" he said. "I couldn’t even think. I couldn’t say anything for about 10 minutes, I just couldn’t believe it.”

The big announcement came when Colden, who hails from Virginia Beach, was presented with a cake with the words “Welcome to the team Trevor” written on it, during a team trip to a cheesecake factory.

Colden was also adamant that Emerica was where he wanted to be. “I’m so thankful,” he said. “The first trip I went on with them, I got along with everyone on the team. I just love Emerica because it’s a company that’s strictly skateboarding. It’s just one big family.”

Emerica team manager, Heath Kirchart, had nothing but praise for Colden: “It's hard to find kids that are young that want to push their skating to new levels,” he said. “Trevor has that in him. He does his tricks to the best of his ability.”

Kirchart was also certain that Colden has what it takes to have a long and prosperous career in the industry. “I wouldn’t put him on the team if I didn’t [think that],” he said. “He just has that drive in him. I don’t need to hold his hand through anything.”

As well as his skating, Colden also possessed one other defining quality that helped him bag a spot on the team. “He didn’t annoy anyone,” said Kirchart. “That’s key to getting on.”

Jeff Henderson, Emerica’s marketing manager, explained what he thinks Colden can add to the team. “Trevor has an amazing consistency with his skating,” he said. “The first trip he went on, he was skating a doubleset and did like 4 tricks in a row first try.

“We were all blown away,” he continued. “He’s just this weird, awkward kid that fits right into the mix of the Emerica team. We’ve been looking for a young little ripper who can eat a tonne of junk food and skate for hours and hours. Lucky for us we found one!”

Make sure to visit Trevor's welcome page on the Emerica site.

Oliver is a freelance journalist and writer from the UK who writes for skate mags and a few other non-skate publications and websites. Learn more about Oliver on his website and follow him on twitter.