The first thing you're gonna say when you see this video is, "Damn! This girl has style!" The second thing you're gonna say is, "Damn! She skates fast!" The third thing you're going to say is, "Damn! She's better than me!" The fourth thing you're gonna say is, "Damn!" And then you'll sit back and think to yourself... "damn... did I just see that?" - sb

To many of you who have followed the site for awhile or follow me on Instagram you'd know that I'm very close to a homeless man named Pepper. I can truly, truly say he is a good friend of mine. We met on the streets one day as he was protecting us from some thieves we encountered at a garage sale. After that, most times he'd pound on the door to the office late at night, which was only a few hundred yards from where he slept, if he saw my car. It would usually be while I'm in the middle of pulling my hair out of my head to get an edit done or figure out how to stay in business. He'd pound on the door and I'd end up talking to him for long stretches of time, sometimes until the sun came up. And every time I'd walk back into the office I'd have a better perspective on my life, not because he was homeless, but because, believe it or not, he had some very wise words to tell as you'll see in this Everlast video that our friend Estevan Oriol made starring Pepper. Since we moved the office, I don't see Pepper as much as I used to and I truly, truly miss him.

When you live in the Midwest you can't claim anything really. You're not east coast. You're not west coast. You're not anything any rapper raps about and says he's pretty fucking stoked to be from there. But, being from the Midwest, I know it produces some of the greatest things alive. Taylor Lubritz, the man behind this video, sent me an email saying that you wouldn't think there was much of a skate scene out in Arkansas, and to anybody else who didn't grow up in the midwest like myself, he'd probably be right, but I know there is. And Taylor's friends, Brandon Herbert, Nick Gibson and Coburn Huff, prove it with the site, Gnarkansas, where they've posted a ton of videos of what's going down there. Check the one out above, then visit his site. He's without a doubt doing something special. - sb

I didn't want to do a write up for this video right here because I thought his email to the Berrics said more than enough. I love this kid. - sb

Recently Steve Berra posted a video about a blind skateboarder. The video blew my mind. How is that possible? A year or two ago, I was really devoted to trying to land a 360 flip. My mom has always made me wear a helmet. I've never fought it. One day, this happened: In the video, I stand back up very quickly, but it hurt.…I hit my head so hard that my a nerve made my leg give out on me every time I put pressure on it. (As seen in the video)… The leg thing only lasted 5 minutes, but imagine if I wasn't wearing my helmet! I could have died or had serious brain damage for the rest of my life. The video Steve posted about the blind kid really made me appreciate my eyesight, protective gear, etc.

Just thought I'd share.

#FUNFACT I sold the 360 flip fail video to failblog for $250 and it has 500,000 views.


Here are more of my skate videos. (Yes, I realize they suck.):

As stated before, I'm from the Midwest and I know how hard it is to be seen by anyone and if there is anything I can do to give a little shine to some young skaters with a dream, I'm going to do it. I'm not sure what TDS is or where TDS is, but they have a new video coming they're working on and they sent me a link to and I thought it captured exactly what it's like to be young and in love with skateboarding. These guys may not skate like Prod now, but never underestimate the capabilities of youth. Good luck with the video, guys! - sb

Now, here's a video that looks like it's gonna take things up a notch. Ballistic, from Newfoundland, Canada, has some shit they're working on, so watch the fuck out! - sb

The subject in the email said So Many Bangers, which, of course, is the thing that made me watch. And they're right. There are some really hard tricks these guys throw down at their local park. Again, they might not be PRod now, but I wouldn't count it out of the realm of possibility. I love seeing edits like this and I think it will remind you of you're own current scene or one you had some time ago, when you were young and in love... with skateboarding. - sb