You know those music videos that have skateboarding in them? The ones who make some of the greatest athletes on earth look like back up dancers? Yeah, well, this video isn't one of those. Now, more than ever, it seems like skateboarding and music are creating a really strong bond. The shittiest song can make the best skating unbearable to look at it. The greatest song can make average skating the most memorable viewing experience of your life. Jonnie Craig and and Niall Kenny made this music video. A perfect blend of beautiful imagery, emotional, thought provoking music by Little Gang and skateboarding by British skateboarder, Chris Ault. If you were ever meant to see skateboarding in a music video, this is how it would go. Check out to see more of Jonnie's photography and work.

TCMT stands for The Crew Mix Tape. 15 is the number of mixtape they're on and the one you're about to watch. The Crew holds it down in Michigan with their skate shop, TruClass, even when their sweat starts to freeze their balls to the side of their leg because it's so cold there. These mixtapes are these guys going out and skating, having fun, creating. Without guys like these who are a lot like guys like you, the skate scene all over the world simply would not exist. Do yourself a favor and watch this, the skating of Timmy Johnson and the man who wraps up the entire video, Spencer Brown, is going to blow your mind. Look out for The Crew and TruClass skate shop, on the Berrics, this summer.

You can see the other mixtapes here.

I'm not sure where this was shot or who's in it. It just showed up in watchthis email bin with the subject line, "Important *****" and the message, "full cab heelflip at 45 seconds". Just another example of skate scenes all over the world making up this big skate scene we call skateboarding. I like seeing edits like this. It takes me back to when skateboarding was all about hanging with friends and long days at the skatepark.

This has nothing to do with skateboarding, but it was sent to me anyway. I've never wake boarded in my life because I hate swimming and the lakes of the world seem so dirty, but, I'm gonna have to say, this is pretty damn impressive.