A BANGIN! HISTORY - Nyjah Huston

This week marked Nyjah's eleventh Bangin! in just six years. Take a look at the first ten to see how he progressed from the dreaded Nyjah to "The Dreaded Nyjah" (that's right, he chopped his dreads but he got even stronger).

A BANGIN! HISTORY - Nyjah Huston


Nyjah Huston

Nyjah's Berrics history is deep and includes a hefty catalog of Bangin! clips. We've aired eleven Nyjah Bangins in just six years, and you can believe us when we say that there was potential for him to film much more (sometimes we just couldn't keep up)! That special Nyjah Huston mix of quantity and quality is really out of this world—like, literally "otherworldly." We're talking an X-Files level of precision and progression. And now you can track Nyjah's progress yourself by watching his previous ten Bangins in order (and his 2011 Battle Commander, above).


May 2011 at Street League Seattle


June 2011 at Street League Kansas City


At Street League


In November 2011


Bye-bye, dreaded Nyjah. Hello, Dreaded Nyjah: At Street League New Jersey in August 2012


December 2012


In May 2013


June 2014


February 2015


And at Element Skatecamp in July 2015