PHXAM 2018

Photos by Bobby Escobedo @remainhungry



Ivan Monteiro took top honors at this year's PHXAM contest at Desert West Skatepark. Maurice Jordan and Jack Olson rounded out the top three. Take a look at our gallery of the hot, hot action that went down in AZ—we're looking forward to next year!


Nate Greenwood grabbing some air! 


Thomas Turner, backside 50-50 up


Justin Henry, frontside noseblunt 


All smiles with Dominick Walker 


Yoshi Tanenbaum, backside flip


Jack Olson, frontside 180 nosegrind


 Ivan Monteiro, 360 flip lipslide


Jake Ilardi, gap to backside lipslide


Maurice Jordan, kickflip backside tailslide


Jack Olson, Barley grind 


Giovanni Vianna, frontside hurricane


Ivan Monteiro, 360 flip noseblunt


And the winner is… Ivan Monteiro

Congrats, Ivan! Till next year!