Birdhouse Saturdays

Premiere Photos

Jason Hernandez and Clive Dixon all smiles before walking into the premiere. 

Street League champ Dashawn Jordan and allstar videographer Josh McHale made it! 

Alec Majerus, Tim Fulton, and Davis Torgerson have entered the building. 

"Hey, camera creep"

When Birdman grabs the mike, you listen!

Ladies and gentlemen, Clive Dixon is Birdhouse’s newest PRO!

The stoke level was at an all-time high!

Well deserved!

Clint Walker and his sick Oklahoma tattoo.

If you don’t know Reese Salken, you should. Check his interview in The Skateboard Mag 162. Reese and Rodent!

Birdman and flow bro Thomas Dritsas

Everyone’s favorite skate couple. Axel Cruysberghs and Lizzie Armanto

The Loy Family

Let’s keep this premiere classy. Pinkies out! Ed Duff, Dominick Walker, Jaws, and Kyle Walker know! 

Be on the look out for Clive Dixon and the rest of the Birdhouse squad in “Saturdays," coming soon!


Photos by Mike Burgess