To Become Street Skateboarding’s Olympic Qualifying Series is reporting that SLS has partnered with World Skate to become the primary path for qualifying for the street skateboarding event in the 2020 Tokyo Games. The agreement makes the SLS World Tour and Super Crown World Championship the officially recognized global skateboarding championship series by World Skate—the International Committee-recognized International Federation governing skateboarding.

As a result the contest series will be evolving. Starting in 2019, SLS will be expanding to five two-day events with open qualifying and double the number of skaters competing. And every event will also include a women’s competition. This newly announced agreement runs through 2022, and paints a clearer picture of what skateboarding will look like in the 2020 Games.

World Skate’s partnership with SLS, the premiere professional street skateboarding league, firmly integrates them into the fabric of the Olympic movement. —Gary Ream, World Skateboarding Commission Chairman