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August 30, 2017

I want to put things in perspective. Over the past 4 days, Houston has been hit by the same cubic volume of water that runs over Niagara Falls in 15 days. That's over 1 trillion gallons. This is a Call to Action for ALL skateboarders, EVERYWHERE: Houston needs our help!

Texas is going to need the help of all citizens. I read this in The Atlantic yesterday: "The magnitude of the flooding in Texas is almost incomprehensible, even for a disaster that the National Weather Service warned was 'unprecedented,' 'unknown,' and 'beyond anything experienced'." The FEMA administrator has said that the government can only do so much because they too are overwhelmed.

Houston is the 4th most populated city in America, and Southside Skatepark has hosted some of the most historic skateboarding events and contests we've known. And in a time of crisis knowing that your help is going into the right hands is very important. Eric at Southside is someone we can trust to get our help to the people who need it. Yes, they need non-perishable food and water, but frankly, they need hygiene supplies: spoons, plates, utensils, blankets, towels, bedding, pillows, socks, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers, baby clothes, baby powder, soap, even baby cribs for the shelters.

If everyone who sees this right now would 1) repost and 2) take action by cleaning out your closet, cleaning out your house and heading down to the store and grabbing the rest of the items on the list, pack a box, and then send it out to Southside Skatepark TODAY, we could start to make a dent in the magnitude of what's needed. When this is all over we can all celebrate as skateboarders and take pride in the fact that WE saved people's lives. WE did. Together. Because pulling people up and back into the game of life is not simply a function of an organization or a government, it is a function and responsibility of every individual. And to me, that is the very definition of a skateboarder and why I am still a skateboarder. Please read the flyer and help. Houston needs it. - sb


Send any newish, clean clothing items to:

Southside Skatepark

510 Iowa St.

Houston, TX 77857