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I'm a skateboarder. Since I was a young kid it's always been my way of unleashing my wild side and being creative. I've always liked to film videos—not only does it push you and let people know you're out there, but you also meet a lot of like-minded and creative skateboarders that way. A lot of them not only skate but do other things that coincide with skateboarding, like art, music, photography, and cinematography. And those things are also what make skateboarding so great. 

squints deck Mike Giant art

There's so much good surrounding skateboarding and so much potential. The reason I started Squints Skateboards is to bring all my favorite things together and to live life to the fullest with each other, because life is what you make it. And so I always have a fresh skateboard to ride. This is my first board graphic ever and it was done by a New Mexico skateboarder/graffiti legend OGMikeGiant, who used to do graphics for my old shop Beach Zone in Albuquerque back when I was a young kid. Thank you, Mike Giant: I couldn't ask for a better person to help me represent where I come from. —Squints


 "Squints" Part



 RADAR, episode 1.



 RADAR, epsiode 2.



 RADAR conclusion and part.

Squints Paulo Macedo - Frontside Grind - RADAR


Frontside grind from Squints's RADAR part. Photo: Paulo Macedo