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  • Trickipedia is not a Trick Tips section, but that doesn't mean you're not going to learn. Trickipedia is the general education page for skateboarding tricks started by the Berrics so that future generations understand the difference between frontside and backside and that there is no such thing as switch nollie half cabs. Each week one of Skateboarding's best will help fill Trickipedia's pages until it is the most comprehensive reference work on the planet. This week Tommy Fynn handles Nollie Backside Lipslides. If you have any suggestions of who you would like to see do certain tricks in the future feel free to drop us a line at

  • On December 7, 2014, we sent a group of the world's best skate photographers and filmers into the wild on an ambitious and unique assignment: Document a full 24-hour day in locations all over the world. You’ve already watched the extended edit. Now it’s time to see the full skate version. Some days you walk away with nothing, but on December 7, the skate community stacked enough clips for a seriously heavy montage. These are all the tricks that were logged in that 24-hour period.

  • Firmly rooted in the past to shape the future, Nike Skateboarding Argentina presents “Roots”, a tribute to local skateboarding progression. Coming soon. 

  • Shane O'Neill vs Louie Lopez. Tom Asta vs Battle For Aberrica Finalist, Shaun Rodriguez. Week 6 was epic.

  • Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough and featuring Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek, Sean Malto, Rodney Mullen, Jamie Thomas, Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston, Bam Margera, Stevie Williams, Ishod Wair, and a ton of others, Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story is a story that will inspire you to live your dreams, even when the world seems stacked against you. Available on iTunes June 23rd

  • From the furthest reaches of Exeter comes Barney Page. His part in etnies' AB&A showed what he could do in the streets. Now he takes his raw power straight to The Berrics. 

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