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  • He came out of nowhere with a crazy good intro part for DC's DE FUNKT a couple months ago. Now with a happy home on Habitat Skateboards, Bobby De Keyzer does it again... This kid is the future.

  • Thunder just dropped a new Know Future video feature with new footage from some of their super talented up and comers. Featuring Jonathon Reese, Daniel Vargas, Frankie Heck and Jake Hayes. 

  • Want to win a free week at Woodward Copper to skate with David Reyes? We're giving away a summer session to the amazing skate camp for one lucky skater. Click through for more info.

  • Yup, you knew Matt Berger was gnarly. But bet ya didn't know he was THIS gnarly! This is the definition of a pro part. Rewatch Berger's Recruit from last year while you're at it.

  • So much good skating gets posted everyday on Insta. Some clips are so insanely good that a few years ago, they could've been legitimate video part enders. But the nature of Instagram is to be of the moment—to be instant. As a result, these clips get forever lost in the black hole of Insta's infinite scroll. "Liked" once and forgotten. Double Tapped is our way of slowing down the ever-growing feed to reflect. These are the clips that stood the test of time over the past 7 days and deserve a rewatch. Tag @berrics and hashtag #BerricsDoubleTapped on your Instavids for a chance to get in next week's Double Tapped.

  • Rastaclat has teamed up with Mtn Dew to promote positivity through individuality: Break the mold and #DewYou.

  • Our fun art form has come a long way in terms of progression, to put it mildly. Never content to just move forward, we often strive to perfect the art of moving backwards. Though it will feel awkward at first, the benefits of switching your stance can be very rewarding; no longer are there spots that can only be approached frontside and your poor, overused pushing leg gets a much-needed rest. If you make the effort to practice ambidextrous skating the way Mikey Taylor has, soon enough no one will be able to tell what your true stance is. When they ask, "Was that switch?", you can just reply, "It's whatever you want it to be."

  • Existen muchos skaters en el mundo y no todos hablan inglés. Debido a la gran demanda popular, hoy presentamos los episodios de "PUSH" con Ishod Wair, Leticia Bufoni, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki y Josh Matthews subtitulados en español. Tenemos más sorpresas por venir, estén al pendiente. #dewtourPUSH #shotonRED @westerndigital @loweprobags.

    There are a lot of skaters in the world and not all of them speak English. So, due to popular demand we are introducing Ishod Wair, Leticia Bufoni, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki and Josh Matthews episodes of #PUSH with Spanish subtitles today on Be on the look out for more surprises coming your way including new episodes of PUSH.

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