So, yeah, the Grammys just happened. That’s cool and all, but what about all the pro skaters turned musicians who deserve a shout out too? Don't worry, we got you.


Featuring: Austyn Gillette
A man of many talents, Austyn's interest in music runs deep. Vaude, which he plays bass in alongside friend and songwriter, Michael Karapetian, has been playing nonstop shows around LA — including a recent performance at the premiere of HUF's surf video, Cluster, at the Ace Theater. When he's not playing with Vaude, he's writing his own tunes and performing as Part Friend.

Featuring: David Gonzalez
Flying V? Check. Iron Maiden cover? Check. Hair whips? Double check. David Gonzalez has 80s hair metal guitar down and ain't afraid to show it. Holy shit, he shreds!

Featuring: Andrew Reynolds, Kevin Long, Atiba Jefferson, Beagle, Shane Heyl 
Comprised of more legit skate heads than any other band out there, The Goat and the Occasional Others, consisting of Andrew Reynolds, Spanky, Atiba Jefferson, Shane Heyl and Beagle, have been shredding together since 2007. They even opened up for Cat Power on a recent US tour.

Featuring: Leo Romero
An acoustic guitar doesn't have to be all quiet and pretty sounding. Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan proved that. And Leo Romero just proved it again. Sometimes an acoustic guitar can be a fucking weapon. Hey man, haven't you ever heard the phrase "This machine kills fascists"? 


Featuring: Mike Vallely
Mike V grew up in the hardcore punk scene, idolizing DIY legends like Ian Mackaye and Greg Ginn. Ever since the 80s, he's had some involvement in music, from his first band in 1985 called Resistance (of which he got kicked out because the rest of the band said he "skated too much") to Mike V and the Rats to Revolution Mother. And now, as fate would have it, he's been appointed the new singer of Black Flag. Crazy.

Featuring: Jereme Rogers
There's no way J wasn't gonna make this list. This short freestyle is legendary. Word around town, magnum's what he fit.


If you've seen Nick Trapasso's part in Brainwash or the credits to Fallen's Road Less Traveled, you've most definitely heard Josh Harmony's music without probably ever realizing it. Whether it's his solo music, his band with his wife called The Harmonys, or his new band Freckles, Josh has been recording music for years now. 

Featuring: Steve Caballero
Steve Cab has contributed way, way more to the skate community than most. One of his greatest contributions, though, is The Faction, a skate punk band he played bass for that primarily ran from 1982 to 1985. Their song “Skate And Destroy” instantly became a skate anthem upon release and found a spot on the soundtrack of Powell Peralta’s Bones Brigade Video Show. More recently, “Let’s Go Get Cokes” was used in Alex Chalmers’ part in Sorry.


Featuring: Matt Hensley
Legendary skater Matt Hensley can do no wrong. Flogging Molly, which Hensley plays accordion for (can he get any more badass?), reached number four on the Billboard’s Top 200 list with the 2008 album Float, has gone gold twice, and reached platinum status with 2006’s Whiskey On A Sunday.

Since first appearing in Baker 2G, TK's always been entertaining as hell. The dude was straight up made for the limelight. With with his group "Fly Society", Terry started putting out music and songs that showed he was a pretty decent rapper too. And unfortunately, he lived up to the part: he got in a legit rap beef with Lupe Fiasco in 2007, and had a near-death experience after getting shot in the face. He put rap on hold for a bit, but now it seems he's back for more.

It's no secret, Tommy Guerrero is an amazing musician. His blend of laid back Latin American jazz, rockabilly swagger, and punk rock roots reached number two on Rolling Stone’s 2003 “Best Of” list with his album Soul Food Taqueria. 

Ray Barbee does everything better and with less effort  (not to mention a bigger smile) than just about anyone. With a blend of breezy jazz guitar and light percussion, Ray Barbee’s music career began with his homemade 2002 debut EP, Triumphant Procession. Since then, he's recorded various collaborations with everyone from the Mattson 2 to Tommy Guerrero to old Powell pro Chuck Treece (featured in this video). His playing is as easy on the ears as his no-complys are on the eyes. 

Having a pro model board is one thing. Shit, having your own board company is one thing. But having your own pro model Fender guitar? That's next level. 

Some people are just blessed with the god given genes of being really fucking good at everything they do. D-Gar is one of ‘em. He’s Matt Costa’s touring guitarist (meaning, yes, he’s actually a professional, working guitarist), plays and sings in his own solo band called Reverend Baron, and can play the harmonica like a son of a bitch. 

Featuring: Figgy, Nuge, Frecks
Extended psychedelic freakouts and super sludgy riffs, Arctic is as heavy as they come. If you've ever heard Figgy's other band, Harsh Toke, you know how gnarly he is on the guitar. Nuge on bass and Frecks make it all the better. 

DP is one of the most punk rock humans on the planet. His nickname is the "Master of disaster", for Christ's sake. His bands U.S. Bombs, Die' Hunns, and Exploding Fuck Dolls, proved he could be just as credible in music as he is on a board. You've gotta respect a dude who can do the loop and then tear up a stage in his downtime. 


Featuring: Evan Smith
Evan might be the only skater in the world who could pull off using his own band's music for 3 video parts in a row without seeming like a total self-centered dick. Drowning Clowns, for which he plays guitar, provided the soundtrack for his back-to-back-to-back parts in The Cinematographer Project, Future Nature, and The Evan Smith Experience. Smoke em if you got em, right? 

Look, he might not be pro and he might have never been sponsored, but he's definitely a skater. He reps Almost on the regular, dedicated this song right here to Lewis Marnell, and is a personal friend of Rodney Mullen. That said, might as well close out this list with the only Grammy winner who can switch tre. Yes, you read that right. Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite won a Grammy in 2014 for Best Blues Album for their album Get Up! And yes, he really can switch tre. And laser flip. 



February 8, 2015