Courtesy of Vans

Vans Park Series announces the official 2018 VPS Pro Tour roster, inviting the top-ranking men and women pros from the 2017 season along with new Tour Challengers and Wildcards. VPS Select Pros are pre-seeded directly into the semi-finals at every VPS Pro Tour qualifying event, to be met by exclusive qualifying Tour Challengers in pursuit of valuable points toward their final year-end rankings, and a chance to compete in the 2018 VPS World Championships. For the Women’s division, Vans Park Series expands the qualification series for the 2018 Women’s Pro Tour with events in Brazil, Sweden and United States, and announces open registration at each stop for all women’s competitors who are not currently on the VPS circuit.

With the run-up to the 2020 Olympics now in full swing. The Vans Park Series gives us a glimpse into how the park portion of the Tokyo Games is shaping up. Check the full list of VPS invitees below, and visit the Vans Park Series website for more information.


Select Pros

Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg

Pedro Barros

Tom Schaar

Alex Sorgente

Karl Berglind

Ivan Federico

Cory Juneau

Jack Fardell 


Men's Tour Wildcards

 Chris Russell

Fernando Bramsmark

Grant Taylor

Jakko Ojanen

Kevin Kowalski

Raven Tershy

Ronnie Sandoval


Women's Select Pros 

Nora Vasconcellos

Brighton Zeuner

Kisa Nakamura

Lizzie Armanto

Grace Marhoefer

Jordan Barratt

Kihana Ogawa

Yndiara Asp